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Sunnyside Tenancy (How To)

Sunnyside Management will be with you to make things easy to become a Sunnyside Tenant and move into Sunnyside.

Management Will

  1. First, give you the Sunnyside Prospective Tenant Park Package for you to read and review at  your leisure at home, perhaps with your family and/or attorney.
  2. Proceeding?  Start filling the enclosed Rental Application (fee $), which includes credit/criminal background check.
  3. Next, call for an appointment with Sunnyside Management to review the paperwork and sign.  Legal tenancy approval time varied from the date of submitting completed paperwork.
  4. Then, at an appointment, the legal documents are signed by the approved Tenant and the Sunnyside Management.
  5. NOW, you may purchase the unit on site – OR – Bring a Sunnyside approved new or like-new Manufactured home purchased from a Dealer onto your rented space.

WELCOME to the Sunnyside.  Management will continue to help you with any questions.